“Dismantling rigid concepts
of masculinity is the next step towards
true social progress on gender”


Many people complain about how badly boys and young men behave ‘nowadays’, but not enough is being done to correct such behavior. As previously stated, we must raise the right kind of men to face the challenges of the new age and drive equity within the social structure. We must ensure that men become their best selves and so positively impact the communities in which they live. Our programmes are focused on supporting men to make the necessary changes to how they see life and respond to its challenges, also preparing them for success in life.

Becoming My Best Self

‘Becoming My Best Self’, is a leadership and life skills programme for 13 -17 year old males. This one-day programme is focused on youths in churches, schools and other youth communities. The programme targets 13 – 17 year olds because it is a critical developmental age. These are typically JSS1 to SS3 students. This programme addresses mindset, attitude, behavioural and social issues. Our programme is a foundational intervention that will influence how they live the rest of their lives and the impact they have on others.

Owning My Space

boys to MEN Foundation’s Owning My Space programme is a Leadership and Life skillsprogramme for male graduates (which naturally includes Youth Corpers), which facilitates theirreadiness for the workplace and provides building blocks for the future.Our key objective is to use leadership and life skills education to recalibrate participant's valuesystems for the betterment of their lives and society.

Our Community Outreach – My Brothers Keeper

We have found through our Becoming My Best Self programme
that some children are unable to advance their education. We will
periodically sponsor the brightest of such children

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