“We can each be our best when we also
let others be their best”

About Us

Who we are

boys to MEN Foundation is a Nigerian non-governmental organisation (NGO) established in November 2017 by Mrs. Ifeoma I. Idigbe, who is the Founder and Executive Vice Chariman. One of the greatest challenges facing young men today is finding their place in the world. We must raise the right kind of men to face the challenges of the new age and drive equity within the social structure. The Foundation is dedicated to supporting boys and men to become their best selves, and so positively impact the communities in which they live. Our ultimate goal is that males become global leaders with integrity. Our programmes commenced in April 2018 and cover different age ranges.

Our Vision: To shape and produce a new generation of ethical, well-behaved men; capable of providing strong, impartial leadership, constantly striving to become their best selves, and possessing the confidence to accept that others may wish to do the same

Our Mission: To inspire, nurture and develop males to become confident leaders in society.

Our Motto: Integrity, leadership and equity

Logo - New - B2M

Our logo

boys to MEN Foundation was set up to provide support to males, to prepare and build them to confidently face current world realities and societal needs by filling in any missing pieces in their development.

Our logo, which includes our motto of integrity, leadership, and equity, is comprised of symbols which identify the key focus areas.

(a) Our constituency is males as represented by the male symbol. This symbol also, for us, highlights the imperative of carnal control, necessary for the values we espouse.
(b) The brain/mind, the seat of critical thought as expressed through mindsets, attitudes and ultimately behaviour.
(c) The heart, the seat of emotions and feelings which must be managed. It is also the centre of our faith, expressed as love for our fellow beings.
(d) The foot, for movement, action, signifying perseverance ... whatever happens, keep walking.
(e) The hand, the means of work, the giving and receiving of help, and selflessness.

This is our logo. This is what we stand for. This is who we are.

Our Team

Mrs Ifeoma Idigbe

Ifeoma I. Idigbe


Ifeoma I. Idigbe is a finance and business consultant and social entrepreneur. She has worked in the Nigerian private and public sectors in executive management positions. Ifeoma is passionate about financial and business efficiency in organisations, and about developing people. She teaches Critical Thinking and Public Speaking to graduate Scholars at the Nigerian University of Technology and Management (NUTM), Lagos, and is the Founder & Executive Vice Chairman of boys to MEN Foundation, a Nigerian nongovernmental organisation (NGO) she started in 2017 dedicated to ensuring that males become their best selves, and so positively impact the communities in which they live. Ifeoma is a Founding Trustee of youth, gender, and environmental focused NGOs which include Women in Management, Business, and Public Service (WIMBIZ).

She also serves on the Boards of various companies in Nigeria including SystemSpecs, a leading software development company where she is the Chairman of Remita Payments Systems Limited, which is part of the SystemSpecs Group. She was a delegate to the 2014 National Conference convened to strategize on the Way Forward for Nigeria and was the Vice-Chairman, Committee for Agriculture and Water Resources. Ifeoma loves to philosophise about life and is the author of Sounds from Silence: Musings, About Men: Random Poems, Monologues, and Reflections, and has just completed Melodies of My Mind, Poems. 


Esther Momah


Esther is a media and communications professional, passionate about helping people and organizations communicate their value and build strong ethically driven brands. She is also an advocate for peace, women’s and girls’ health education, community development, leadership, and healthy workplaces. 


I. Joshua Odalonu


Joshua studied Mass Communication at Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Ukwu. He is a self-motivated professional who believes being adaptable to challenging situations is an avenue for growth. 

Board of Trustees


Mr. Oladapo Akisanya

Chief Investment Officer, Tangerine Group

past Chairman

Mr. O. Jude Idigbe

Legal Practitioner


Dr. (Mrs.) F. Ngozi Onyia

Founder & MD, Paelon Memorial Hospital


Mrs. Ebisan Akisanya

Advisor, Chevron Nigeria Limited


Mrs. Lynda U. Madu

Former Associate Director, Corporate Development, Nestoil Limited


Mr. Akinsowon Dawodu

Regional Head, CitiGroup, Sub Saharan Africa


Mrs. Aishah Ahmad

Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria


Mrs. Ifeoma I. Idigbe​

Financial & Business Analyst

Our programmes align with the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)

“Men, give yourselves permission to feel, even if it’s privately.
Don’t deny your loneliness, pain, sadness, confusion. They are all part of
the human condition, part of our common humanity. You are not alone”

Founders Prayer

Father in Heaven,
Giver of all inspiration,
Source of our courage,
Master Planner,
Our Partner in Life;
Lead us into Your Will,
To transform our world
… with our words
… by our actions
… with our lives.
To be our best selves,
Examples to others of integrity,
leadership & equity – our watchwords.
Imbue us with Your Spirit,
That boys may be men;
That men may be good men,
… strong, yet gentle
… truthful, yet kind
… firm, yet compassionate,
Leading with love,
Complete in their humanity.
We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Ifeoma I. Idigbe
Thursday, May 10, 2018

Our Community Outreach – My Brothers Keeper

Project Mother Love extends our sponsor’s generosity
to mothers within these communities, providing foodstuff
and other household items to supplement what they have.

Support Our Initiatives

If you wish to support any of these initiatives, kindly make transfers to our account with details provided.

Account Information

Bank Name: Sterling Bank
Account Name: boys to MEN Foundation (Meals 4 Kids)
Account Number: 0082581050